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About Us

Arispa is an Arab non-governmental organization working within the frame work of the council of Arab economic unity. The league of Arab States calls for the establishment of a group of companies operating within the internet & telecommunications sector in various diverse countries in the Arab world. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the creation of advanced Arab industries in the ICT sector. We envision the Arab world as a key player and a major source of the output regarding this industry in the world.

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Our Vision

To grow and become the leading Arab ICT enterprise and community that supports the growth and development of the business sector. We strive to continue to contribute to the advancement of the Arab business sector in information & communication technology to create a sophisticated Arab information industry that qualifies for a regional role in the development of the ICT industry and its services at a global level

ARISPA 7th GA meeting

Arispa is proud to play a key role in facilitating the access of Arab citizens to the various sources of information throughout the internet, enabling them to participate and benefit from the rapid technological advancements in the world.

Our Mission

  • Representation

    – To represent the business sector regarding information technology and communications on a regional level.

  • Deployment

    – To strive to proliferate the deployment of the internet and other technological advancements throughout the Arab world.

  • Advancement

    – To support cooperation, integration, coordination, and the exchange of experience throughout members of the union to serve the deployment of the Arab ICT industry.

  • Globalization

    – To participate with governments in issuing regulations and legislation related to the internet and telecommunications sector in various Arab countries.


Developing the internet industry and its services

To support and encourage the development of an advanced Arab Internet industry and its services, which will make Arispa a major contributor to the Arab Gross National Product.

Encouraging integration and cooperation.

To strengthen cooperation and coordination relations with associations and institutions interested in the IT sector, the internet, and contacts, including Arab and international organizations whose activities are related to the objectives of the union.

Regulation and reliability standards

To contribute to the development of the standards of the organization and of the business sector regarding information and communication technology

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