About Us

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Arispa is an Arab non-governmental organization working within the frame work of the council of Arab economic unity. The league of Arab States calls for the establishment of a group of companies operating within the internet & telecommunications sector in various diverse countries in the Arab world. We pride ourselves on our contributions to the creation of advanced Arab industries in the ICT sector. We envision the Arab world as a key player and a major source of the output regarding this industry in the world.


  • Transparency in all procedures and work.
  • Shared educated decisions.
  • Loyalty to the goals of the union and the well-being of its members.
  • Respecting pluralism of opinions especially of all those on the council.
  • To give priority to the public interest over private interests.
  • Faith in collective action.
  • To develop a successful model for the joint Arab work experience so the economy succeeds where politics failed.


To create an active and strong presence in the Arab ICT sector through:

  • Attendance of important international and Arab seminars related to the activities of the Union through participation in its presence, sponsorship, and preparation.
  • To participate and support the relevant authorities (such as the council of Arab Ministers of Communications) in the Arab decision-making that governs and is directed to the ICT sector and its services in the Arab world.
  • Cooperation with organizations and organizations active in the Arab and international internet and communications sector (Witsa, RIPE, ICANN, ISOC,….) and to represent the Arab business sector accordingly.

Proposed Strategy

To open regional offices in member countries, which will help further the union’s position as a key player in the development of strategies related to the Internet and telecommunications technologies in most Arab countries.

Organizing annual conferences on specific dates so that it becomes a tradition for the companies operating in the ICT sector and to determine their place of residence among member countries.

Seeking the confidence of Arab companies working in this sector is crucial. To initiate the study and establishment of projects in the business sector which shall be supported by Arab joint stock companies, to be contributed by those wishing to be members of the Union.

We will host specialized technical workshops in agreement and coordination with international technology manufacturers such as (Sony, Seimens, France Telecom, British Telecom... etc). To benefit the member companies through training their technical staff on modern technologies. To build cooperative relationships with international companies known in the internet and telecommunications sector.


Developing the internet industry and its services.

  • To support and encourage the development of an advanced Arab Internet industry and its services, which will make Arispa a major contributor to the Arab Gross National Product.
  • To work on bridging the digital divide between Arab countries and more developed countries.
  • To promote the Arab internet sector and direct it to advance the economic and social development process to build a new specialized generation.
  • To encourage research and studies in the field of internet and communications.
  • To hold specialized seminars and conferences, issuing periodicals related to the internet and telecommunications technologies to achieve the objectives of the Union.
  • To work on the development of international and inter-Arab trade using all available technologies, especially electronic commerce.
  • To establish quality electronic portals, and to develop and provide trusted high-tech procedures to achieve the highest economic return.
  • To strive to contribute to the efforts and initiatives of the union to reach the peak of the Arab information society and transform the Arab region into a pioneer of advanced technologies.
  • To provide the latest information, studies, technical, economic, commercial, Arab and international statistics related to the scope of the work of the union’s members.
  • To assist members in obtaining the latest technologies under the best conditions and to continue to develop them in accordance with the nature of the work.

Encouraging integration and cooperation.

  • To support cooperation and integration among member companies.
  • To encourage the use of experiences and the accumulation of a database of knowledge to be used consistently.
  • To strengthen cooperation and coordination relations with associations and institutions interested in the IT sector, the internet, and contacts, including Arab and international organizations whose activities are related to the objectives of the union.
  • To urge member companies to benefit from their membership in the Union and to take advantage of all opportunities.
  • To encourage members to establish joint Arab companies and submit their founding projects to the Arab Economic Unity Council for consideration.
  • To participate in Arab and international seminars related to the work of the union and its objectives.
  • The implementation of new projects and to continue to grow and adapt existing projects to the needs of the internet in the Arab world.
  • To conduct research and prepare economic feasibility studies for the established projects.
  • To provide guidance in connection with specialized Arab and foreign institutions with great expertise

Regulation and reliability standards.

  • To contribute to the development of the standards of the organization and of the business sector regarding information and communication technology.
  • To organize the use of the internet and communication technology in various fields in Arab counties.
  • To work on standardizing terminology in the field of Internet and communication technology.
  • To Encourage the establishment of national ICT associations in countries where they have not yet been established.
  • To act as an arbitrator when needed and to contribute to other arbitral acts when requested.